The perfect application to accompany you on a daily basis in learning to Skateboard



Find more than 180 tricks in the app


Roll the dice to choose your next trick


Find exclusive videos to watch again and again

Game Of Skate

Play a game of Game Of Skate with 2 or more


Follow your progress on each trick and display your progress


Share your progress, your successes via social networks


Create your own tricks and use it in other features


Schedule skate sessions and choose your tricks


Find a lot of usefull informations like a lexique, the very basic ...

  • 1
    Create your account

    Start by creating your account with your email address to allow you to keep your progress regardless of the device used.

  • 2
    Organize your lists

    Add tricks to your favorites list or in your trick list for quick access during a session

  • 3

    Read the prerequisites, the advice, follow the steps and watch the videos to perform all the tricks

  • 4
    GOS & Share

    Launch yourself into games of Game Of Skate or consult your old games and share them on the networks

  • 5
    Create your own tricks

    You can create your own cheats and use them in the rest of the app


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to create an account to test the application ?

No, via the login/registration screen you can click down to access part of the application (17 tricks and the dice) without having to create an account.

Are my lists saved ?

Yes, your lists are saved via your account, if you log in on another device you will find your favorites lists and trick list

Are my games of GOS saved ?

Yes, your old games are saved. You can also view the result and share it on the networks. It is also possible to view all the tricks performed during the game.

Is the app free ?

The app is free to download. You can access almost all the content for free. However, there is still a part accessible after watching an advertising video or via subscription.

All the tricks are available ?

We have tried to add as many tricks as possible (+150) and we will continue to add more. Note that in GOS you can "add trick" which will also be present in the history of the game.

Can i choose the word for the GOS ?

Yes, when starting a new game you can choose the word to use for the game. Note that by default it is S.K.A.T.E

The Team


Skateur / Entrepeneur

Laurent ALLO

Fullstack Mobile Developer (Flutter/Golang)